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EECS 189 Senior Design Projects 2007-2008

Title Final Report
AM Radio Receivers Group 1 PDF
AM Radio Receivers Group 2 PDF
Hybrid Audio Frequency Amplifier PDF
Intelligent Balanced Solutions PDF
Irvine Biometrics PDF
Wireless Optical Radio PDF
The Performance of RFID in the Living System PDF
RFID for In Vivo Sensing PDF
Design and Implementation of a Digital Temperature Controller PDF
RF Antennae Tester Control Circuit PDF
Wireless VGA Streaming System PDF
UCI Satellite Communication System PDF
Handheld Gauss Meter PDF
Cassette Tape Signal Processing PDF
Micro Mouse PDF
Multiview Camera Streaming: An Integrated Video Monitoring System PDF
Multi-channel Amplifier for Neural Interface PDF
Power Electronics Boost Converter PDF
Continuous Polling RFID Reader PDF
DNA Pattering by Hybridization and Melting PDF